General Liability and License Bonds

As a contractor, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate amount of insurance. Having the right set of insurance is key to being a successful entrepreneur, and to make sure that you can continue to operate your business.

There are several main things that you need to remember about your contractor insurance and surety bond so that you understand how important it is, and so that you can be sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

First of all, part of the reason that you have contractor insurance in the first place is that you are going to be working with people’s homes, and with the way that they have decided their homes should be.

This means that you are going to be in charge of whether or not a person has a successful remodel project, and whether or not they are happy with their project.

As a contractor, your job is to come into people’s homes, do the things that they would like done, and make sure that you are going to be successful with it.

When you are successful, you are going to have happy clients. These will be the customers who ask you to come back, that give you a good recommendation, and that say good things about you in public.

The work that you do for those clients will be work that you are proud of, and work that you can show off.

However, your contractor insurance is going to be important because, unfortunately, not everyone is going to be happy with your work. Perhaps you hurried and made some mistakes, and your work was not as it should be.

Or, perhaps something happened while you were working, such as a busted water pipe, or another major problem that caused issues with the home. When these types of things happen, whether or not they are your fault, your contractor insurance can help you make sure that they are handled in a positive way, and that your reputation isn’t going to be at stake.

The CSLB offers 2 separate bonds for Swimming Pool Bonds and Roofing Contractor Bonds.  Be sure you have the proper bond in place according to your contractors license classification.

The Importance of Insurance

When you use your contractor insurance, you are allowing yourself to be able to be successful with the path that you have chosen. You are going to be able to see for yourself that the work you do is worthy and that when something happens, that is out of your control, you can have the means to pay for it and to reimburse your clients.

Having great contractor insurance means that you can have someone there to back you up, and to back up your claims as a contractor.

It is critical to have the type of insurance that you can depend on, and this is what contractor insurance is going to be all about.