You have already heard plenty of things about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and more importantly our native Washington. Since we are a Washington-based organization, we will clearly refer to the situation that is current in Washington, but if you might be in the know of any different pieces of information make sure you share it with us for is to expand our views.

Medical Marijuana

Domino Effect

So, today we will be discussing the domino effect that legalization of marijuana had on our state. First of all, you must have noticed the so-called marijuana dispensaries. These are places where you can get your medical marijuana with a receipt and get the much-needed treatment. We have already discussed on this very site that these dispensaries came into existence almost organically, that people have assembled their resources and in that way found a loophole in the law so that they could have access to marijuana. This has apparently made the entire transition to making marijuana available for people somewhat easier to handle.

Dream-Come-True: Legalization

It is also important to mention what kind of effect the legalization of recreational marijuana had on the chamber of commerce. First of all, many rules and regulations had to be suddenly changed, and all of this implies that there have been a significant number of hours which have been dedicated to paperwork. Also, marijuana dispensaries have assured that chamber of commerce does not just have more work but also better results. Even though we are yet to witness all the benefits of the legalization of medical marijuana, the current data shows that it can only bring relief to cancer patients in combination with profit for the chamber of commerce. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us!