Even though medical marijuana has numerous properties that might help cancer patients, patients who suffer terrible chronic pain and patients who suffer from anxiety and insomnia, still medical marijuana seems to be wearing a stigma of being a gateway drug to this very day. In the recent time, however, things seem to be changing for the better. As for the USA, there have been only two states (so far) that have made marijuana fully legal for medical and recreational use.

Since Colorado was the first state to accept the use of marijuana, they have certainly had better implementation so far, regarding retail sales. However, Washington is trying to keep up and meet the huge tax revenues that have been ranked in Colorado.


How Did Legalization Come Around?

Colorado and Washington both had robust medical marijuana industries even before the full legalization too place, so the transition has certainly been made easier by this very fact. Also, it was through voters’ initiative that full legalization of marijuana came around and the benefits for the very states, regarding taxes, have been incredible. This merely shows that everyone benefits in these situations and that the idea to legalize it! Was great.